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About this blog

The best part of food is sharing. This is why I decided to create this blog: to share my recipes, experiences and good moments. I am not a professional chef, but I always loved food and I have been lucky to grow up in Spain, enjoying the superb gastronomy of my homeland, and to travel and live in different countries as a curious adult. This allowed me to try many different dishes that have influenced my cooking and turned some of my recipes into an interesting fusion of flavors and textures. Of course, I still respect my origins and prepare Spanish dishes, including our popular tapas, the way my grandmothers, great-aunt, mom and dad use or used to do. You are very welcome to come and visit my blog and share some of that happiness that good food gives us.


About the “Tapas”

I chose the title of this blog because the word “tapas” is well known around the world and identified with the Spanish culture, although my recipes include many dishes that we Spaniards would not consider as tapas. But what I like about the concept of tapas is that it captures the essence of our culture. Let me explain. The tapas are small portions of food that are served in bars to accompany a glass of wine or beer. A bar in Spain is not a place to go in the evening and consume alcoholic beverages (although you can do that too). Spanish bars are places where you go for a coffee with a piece of toast, churros or a “pincho de tortilla” –you will find the recipe in the blog”- in the morning. You will go at noon and maybe have a “caña” (small beer) with a tapa; you can go for lunch and have a three course menu for lunch (yes, even in a regular work day in Spain you will have a regular three course meal, not a sandwich); you can go for a coffee after lunch or for tea in the early afternoon; and, finally, you will go in the evening to share some beers after work with your neighborhood friends. They are places where you share food and conversations… and tapas. There are many discussions about the origin of the tapas, but all of them agree on one thing: the main purpose of the tapas is to accompany an alcoholic drink. Many say they were originally invented to cover the glass of wine, so no flies or dust would fall in it, so the tapa consisted on a slice of bread or of cured ham. Nowadays, a tapa can consist on a really elaborate dish or just some cheese. It depends on the place, the time of the day and even the region of Spain where you enjoy it. In places as diverse like Leon (North-West) or Granada (South-East) you can go out “de bares” –have a drink or two and move to the next bar- and have so much food that you will skip your next meal. They will serve you huge amounts of food with each drink you order: little sandwiches, octopus salad, eggs, rice… you name it. I could write for days about tapas and Spanish food, but I should leave something for further posts. So please, continue reading…


About me

Lawyer for many years, PR practitioner, married, mom of two beautiful daughters, lucky friend with many wonderful people around the world… and curious about every edible thing. I have been lucky enough to be born in a family of good cooks and to enjoy excellent restaurants since I was a child. Seeing how food evolved and changed, not only along the years but also in different countries has been a privilege and a constant feedback for my culinary curiosity. I am happy to share this with you from my completely amateur perspective and to try to answer any question that you may have about my recipes.

¡Qué aproveche! (Enjoy your meal!)