Potatoes with chorizo

Potatoes with Chorizo

This is the kind of recipe every grandma in the rural areas in the North will prepare frequently…and every kid will love! (believe me, from Beverly Hills to Amsterdam, children from different countries absolutely love this dish)

In this case, I avoided using one of the basic ingredients that you would surely find in it if you were in Spain, the “pimientos choriceros”, as I know they are difficult to find outside the country. I also excluded the bay leaf, as my daughters seem to prefer this dish without it.

It is extremely important that you use Spanish chorizo, not the Mexican type (nothing against it, but it is very different and will not work here.) In Europe you can find it in most supermarkets. In the US, you can find it at some places, like WholeFoods, and also order online from different webs. You can buy Palacios, which is really Spanish (not like Goya, that I do not recommend) in Amazon, for about $7. Try to get the small ones, which are good for cooking, not the type you can slice and eat raw. You will also find some gourmet webs that import chorizo from Spain, but be careful it is really imported. Some of these webs claim to have Spanish products and then state that chorizo is typically used in paella (which is definitely not the original use, – not even a popular one- although you can add almost any ingredient to a rice dish.)

Ingredients (Serves 4)

1 ½ pounds potatoes (you will know the best variety in your area , for example Yukon)

2 Spanish small chorizos (or around ½ pound)

1 green bell pepper

1 medium onion

2 cups chicken stock

1-2 garlic cloves


½ cup wine (I prefer red Rioja wine)

salt, water, olive oil, bay leaf (optional)




STEP 1.- Peel and cut the potatoes in medium-sized chunks. The way you cut the potatoes is very important to thicken the sauce. Just before finishing cutting each chunk, pull the knife towards you and break off the last part, instead of cutting it clean. This rough end will disintegrate into the sauce, making it thicker. We call it “chascar”, because of the sound the potato makes when it breaks.

STEP 2.- Cut the onion into thin slices, the pepper into 1 1/2 inches pieces and the chorizo into ½ inch slices.

STEP3.- Heat olive oil in a 3 quart pot (a thin layer, enough to cover all the bottom) over medium heat and add onion when it shimmers. Fry until slightly brown and add chorizo. Cook for 3-4 minutes, stirring a few times.

Potatoes with Chorizo Step 1

STEP 4.- Add green pepper, cook for another 3 minutes stirring a few times, add potatoes and stir until they are coated with the oil. Cook for a couple of minutes and season with salt.

Potatoes with Chorizo Step 4

STEP 5.- Add stock and when it starts boiling, lower the heat to medium-low. Add some water if needed until potatoes are almost covered.

patatas con chorizo prep 7

STEP 6.- Crush the parsley and garlic in the mortar. When you obtain a paste, add the wine. Stir in and let cook for about 15 minutes (around 20 minutes total).IMG_0274


patatas con chorizo- prep6



–       I must insist: the way you cut the potatoes is extremely important.

–       This dish will be even better if you prepare it a few hours in advance.

–       A green salad seasoned with a traditional vinaigrette will accompany this hearty dish perfectly.

–       If you have leftovers you can mash the potatoes, fry some bacon bits, add some Spanish paprika (careful not to burn it) and serve the mashed potatoes with the bacon and chorizo chunks on a slice of toasted bread. That will make a really good tapa.

Potatoes with Chorizo tapa recipe

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