Tuna Poke

Recipe Tuna Poke        

This healthy yet delicious fish recipe is definitely one of my favorites, particularly for Friday dinners.

With a Hawaiian origin and an undoubtedly Californian inspiration, your taste buds will be delighted with this recipe that blends and layers flavors to draw the taste of umami out, making a dish as simple as spectacular.

As you might know, “poke” is the Hawaiian word for “cut” and the basic ingredient of every poke is raw diced fish. Many of them include Maui onion, which I have substituted with green onions.

In addition, I incorporate some ingredients that I feel complement and enhance the original recipe, like mango, avocado and jalapeño. Here is where you can see the influence of the Californian cuisine, I guess.

You will find salty, spicy, sweet, sour and slightly bitter elements in a fantastic synergy that brings out the umami flavor. Creamy, crunchy, soft… there is also a variety of textures to enhance the palatability of this easy-to-make yet succulent recipe.

E’ai kāua! (Bon appétit!)

ingredients recipe Tuna poke

Ingredients (serves 4)

1 ½ pounds (700 grs. aprox.) sashimi grade tuna

1/3 cup finely chopped green onions

1 tsp white sesame seeds

1 tsp black sesame seeds

2 tsp sesame oil

1 tsp sriracha

1 tbsp light soy sauce

1 lime (zest and juice)

1 tsp red pepper flake

1 mango

1 avocado

1 jalapeño



STEP 1.- Mix all the ingredients except the tuna, mango, jalapeño and avocado in a large bowl to make the seasoning.

Tuna poke seasoning

Tuna poke seasoning

STEP 2.- Dice the tuna into small cubes. The size will depend on your taste, but I prefer them no bigger than 1/3- 1/2 inch.

Tuna Poke cut

STEP3.- Mix the tuna with the seasoning in the bowl

 Tuna poke mix

STEP 4.- Dice the avocado, add some salt and place a layer of about ½ inch inside a round mold (about 3 ½ inch diameter). Fill the rest of the mold with tuna. You could also add some diced mango to the avocado base.

STEP 5.- Use the mango and jalapeño to decorate.

Recipe Tuna Poke final plate


–       Mango, avocado and jalapeño are optional, but they add a nice contrast of flavors, textures and colors. Anyway, I always use less mango than avocado.

–       Always keep the tuna cold. If you use frozen tuna, let it thaw slowly in the refrigerator, never outside or in the microwave. Keep cold while you prepare the rest of the ingredients and until you serve it.

–       The red pepper flakes give it an extra-spicy flavor, so you can avoid them if you are not so much into hot recipes.

–       As most of our recipes, if you serve smaller portions you will have a perfect tapa.

–       You can also serve the tuna on top of thin slices of mango and avocado, carpaccio style

Tuna Poke recipe with Mango and Avocado

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